Why Signs Media

Our mission is to educate, inform and entertain in sign language.

Our vision is to be the number one global promoter of sign language in business, entertainment, education and public information platform, through music, films, talk shows and general television broadcasts.

SIGNS MEDIA KENYA LIMITED has identified and realized that the media being a tool to entertain, inform and educate has performed dismally at trying to cater for the population that have got hearing impairments thereby making them not access information, which is considered a human right in our constitution. .

SIGNS MEDIA KENYA LIMITED intends to create an electronic media interface which will enable broadcast through Kenya Sign Language (KSL), English Language and the Kiswahili Language which we intend to run bilingually.


  • To propagate SOCIAL , ECONOMIC, POLITICAL and TALENT development of persons with disabilities through BROADCASTING in SIGN LANGUAGE with voiced languages as overrides.
  • To offer television programming that integrates all spheres of PWDs in to the society, fostering cohesion to minimize¬† stigma and promote esteem boosting.