Demand for sex toys in Nairobi is just alarming!

Beverly Munga is a lawyer, or a Vibrating Lawyer as she calls herself online. She runs an online business www.gspotkenya.com where she openly sells sex toys she sources from different countries in Europe.

She says she has been importing and selling sex dolls for the past four years. “People order, and buy them, currently, I am out of stock.  Samantha is just an upgrade of the sex dolls, but if someone orders, I will definitely import one for them. ”

“I never thought that the business would have been going strong four years later,” she says, without batting an eyelid, and with a straight face.

She sells 15 types of vibrators, six types of dildos and strap ons, all types of male toys, fetish and lotions and lubes.

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